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  • 11:19:53 pm on March 13, 2009 | 3

    You need a WordPress account to sign-in. It’s free. This Twitter Style Blog is just another way for us to spread the word about our Ning Networks. And, it’s a great way to keep everyone up with what you’re doing, if you want. 😉



  • Anu 5:40 pm on March 25, 2009 | # | Reply

    Courses that are currently available at the Temple sight…
    Prayers to the Moon:
    Exercises in Self-Reflection
    Guided by: Swaleigha

    The Energy Room:
    Personal techniques drawn up from 15+ years of experience
    By: Anu

    The Gold Room
    Meditations with the energy frequency of the color Gold
    Written and taught by: Anu

    The Green Room
    Meditations with the energy frequency of the color Green
    Written and taught by: Anu

    Cosmic Ordering
    A mini course in connecting and manifesting through the Universe
    Guided by: Anu

    Psychic Mini-course
    Secrets to using your Psychic abilities
    Guided by: Anu

    Discover your life purpose Lesson 1
    Lessons to lead you on the path of finding your life’s purpose and self discovery.
    Guided by: Anu

    The Creative process in the individual
    Group discussion for on line book which is provided within the group.
    Guided by: Anu

    Preparing Ourselves for the Great Shift eBook
    Addition to our library.
    Guided by: Anu

    Basic Herb Course
    Basic folklore of herbs
    Guided by: Swaleigha

    The Master Key System: Foreword
    A course to teach you to think differently
    Moderated by Anu

    Oracle readings by Anu or Swaleigha are now available. We have a few different types of readings that we do, you are free to choose which you would like and ask in private or public. Readings are available in the forums.

    Divinely Incarnated
    We’re all incarnated expressions of Divinity. This group is for those who are awakening to that fact.
    Moderated by Swaleigha

    The Dream Time
    A place to share and analyze dreams
    Moderated by Anu

    The Realm of Fire
    Journeys to connect you with the element of fire created by Anu
    Moderated by Anu

  • Patty 3:07 pm on March 25, 2009 | # | Reply

    Just sign up and start , is that all you have to do ?

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